Alternative Music Label and Recording Studio

About Us

Hooligans is an alternative music label and recording studio in Prague Czech Republic. Our team consists of industry professionals from rostra of fields like online marketing, audio engineering, sales and event production.

'We aspire to help upcoming alternative artists to have the possibility of getting out there.'

-Adam Beranowski, production

Being a label that has its own studio, engineers, producers and session musicians we can help artists get to a different point where they can think about possibly going global.

Every project is treated as an opportunity and we want to come out with the best music, online content and at the end, we truly want to feel like a family with our artists.


Hynek Novák

Artist Relations

Adam Beranowski


Ray Baseley


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Our company consists of an even larger team of people and it’s almost impossible to fit them all in. If you desire to know more about everything we can provide go to the section capabilities.

Our Mission

The mission of hooligans is to present quality entertainment to the listener. Our journey was tough we all went through a lot of challenging projects and that's what made us into what we are now. As freelancers, we would be weak but together we can make magic.

We love to collaborate with artists and creatives from other fields like photography, videography, design and many more. We understand it’s always crucial to have a powerful brand behind an artist.

Our Team at Work

One of the most satisfying moments we can undergo is to see the pleasure on people's faces when it goes live.


We love to experiment with new visual concepts. We can produce showcase events that scale from small shows to big concerts in huge venues.

In our team we can build an artist brand from A to Z - we have people in our team that do marketing, PR. , Press, influencer marketing and more. Out of branding, we have a list of session musicians and producers that can make our artists shine even more.

Event Production

We have a big group of suppliers for any sort of event that we produce. We can organise a huge show with a whole lighting plot, professional sound and LED screens and we can also do a small show with little PA in a small venue.

We mainly work with Funktion One systems for sound but we also use DnB audio for our bigger events.

Hold Tight

Due to the present situation, nobody is able to function as normal. Nevertheless, we still want to produce fantastic content. Leave us a message down below.


If you want to work with us please feel free to send us an email. For general enquiries mail to the info email, for any other enquiries write to each department distinctively.